Cruising Idaho Event Completion

The #BestCommunityEver

July 19th 2020, 10:00 am | Arran Hodges

The Cruising Idaho event community goal has been completed!

After just three days, the World Of Trucks event Cruising Idaho's miles goal has been completed. Dedicated players have driven over 30,000,000 miles, delivering to and from locations in Idaho. SCS Software said this:

Well done everyone, what a ride it has been. The event is a great success, the mileage quota is fulfilled and Idaho's economy is booming thanks to your deliveries. We really hope you have enjoyed all that this beautiful and historic state has to offer! There's still time to finish your own personal goal and claim both your Appaloosa themed paint job and Peregrine Gem hanging ornament rewards!

Log in to your account and be sure to read the rules, then start your deliveries!

Just a reminder for those who wish to complete the event on TruckersMP- you are out of luck! Unfortunately, they do not support the latest game version of American Truck Simulator.