Euro Truck Simulator 1.38 Released

Lots of major improvements

July 21st 2020, 10:13 am | Arran Hodges

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has released on 1.38

It comes after just under a month ago, SCS Software announced the open beta. It was promised with a great deal of new additions/revisions in the game and they have delivered. (get it?)

One of the brilliant revisions on this update is that all of the truck dealerships across the map have been redesigned! It looks excellent! 

Lille.. you look different!

Another revision is in Lille. It has had a re skin. There are updated road junctions which have been updated to give them more accurate layouts. Also, in general, road signs and roads have been updated with more accurate, realistic and detailed textures.

Exciting news behind graphics

There's now a feature called SSAO. It creates shadows in the areas that objects connect to give it a "natural and believable look" in terms of lighting and shadows. SCS Software said this:

Less powerful GPUs may struggle to keep up at full quality, and with 400% or similarly high scaling selected, even mid-range machines would feel the impact on fps. If you are not happy with framerate after this update, please open the advanced graphics options in the game and try to find the right combination of scaling and SSAO quality for you. With a weaker GPU, it may be advisable to switch off SSAO completely.

VTC's, the wait is over

One of the most highly requested features that VTCs ask for is an updated colour picker when you're selecting colours in the garage. You can select HSV, RGB and HEX. This makes it a whole lot easier for drivers to replicate colours onto their trucks.

The GPS has been updated

It's now got a more modern looking UI and extremely useful information for drivers using checkpoints for their journeys. I don't know about you, but having that whilst doing convoys is so useful! 

DAF XF & FH Tuning Packs

You can now have your chassis covers to be painted in the DAF. Some of the screenshots we're seeing already are brilliant! Also the FH tuning pack now has front wheel covers, side deflectors with LEDs, stock front bumpers and rear top fenders with plastic and chrome options. Also there have been new "horn models" to reflect the reality of the design of air horns.

To reflect actual truck setups properly, our vehicle team has added new "pins" on truck cabins that are specific for air horns. We did our best with the research to make sure their locations are chosen on proper references, mostly on factory defaults, of course, but also taking into account what we could find in tuning photos from truck festivals.

New Special Transport Routes

  • Reșița to Târgu Mureș
  • İstanbul to Edirne
  • Pleven to Sofia

Each journey will come with its own challenges. Check your GPS for more information. If you choose to take one of these on, good luck!

I want to play multiplayer...

TruckersMP does not support the latest game version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator yet. You can go to TruckersMP's knowledgebase for more information on how to downgrade.