Fall Guys: What we think

We love it, although it has some flaws.

August 30th 2020, 2:33 am | Arran Hodges

Fall Guys was blessed upon us earlier this month.

It was officially released on the 4th of August. Since then, many people have bought the game. The all time peak for players on the game (PC) was 156,791. It's definitely something that gets you hooked. It's already the most downloaded game ever on PlayStation Plus and has sold 7 million copies on Steam. Even on launch of the game, the servers crashed. Over 1.5 million people tried to play the game within 24 hours.

Nathan, George and I have been playing it over the past couple of days. 

Personally, my initial thought once buying the game was that it was going to take an age to download. To my surprise, it was less than a 1GB download. It took about 2 minutes from starting the download to being onto the home screen. 

If you're dedicated to the game, you've probably got through most of season 1. Maybe you have unlocked all of the in game items.

The season is medieval themed, as we can see from the clip. It's going to release in October, so until then, there is plenty of time to level up.

When you first start playing the game it is really confusing- however once you start doing more games it becomes pretty normal. Even though you're running, jumping and grabbing things it can be really hard to do with keyboard and mouse. It's mainly the accuracy of them if anything- if you have a controller it can really help you out. I found it much easier to do some of the harder jumps and obstacles with the joystick of my controller. 

A couple of games in and there's still frustration every time you get eliminated. Nathan found that the hard way! It creates a really competitive atmosphere when you're in game. It's definitely better with friends.

If I were to compare the game to something from real life- it would be like a cartoon version of Total Wipeout. Unlike the TV show though, Fall Guys chucks all of the people in the 60 player lobby and makes them tackle it at once. It's chaotic, fun and in my opinion-difficult to win. As you go through the rounds, those 60 players get cut down to 42 and then down even more until someone wins. It can create some extremely intense situations at the finishing line. As demonstrated by one of our listeners Shay.

Hacking seems to be an issue within the game. We've seen clips where people are using things like speed hacks to enable them to win. It seems to be a consistent problem according to players. The developers are working on it though.

We're aware of the speedhackers and are working on it Thanks for reporting them!
@FallGuysGame- 4:47 PM · Aug 9, 2020

There are also people who wait at the finish line when 41/42 people are qualified and jump across as another person is running up to try and qualify. Personally, I've never been that person although it's extremely heartbreaking when it happens to you.

"What a Game! Only bought it a few days ago and love it! Even better with friends." - Nathan7471

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