Flashing Lights New Features

It's on an unstable build. though.

August 25th 2020, 11:30 am | Arran Hodges

Flashing Lights has released a new unstable build.

Earlier this month, they released an update with the ability to customize vehicle light patterns and colours. Now they are releasing a new unstable build that features some impressive things. This month there are significant improvements to communication within the game. For example, you can now chat in game using voice!

You can also use text chat for multiple uses. You can chat to your team, chat over the "radio" (the text is colour coded for each department) and do /me roleplay commands (which is extremely useful!)

There are also new administration features such as a new menu for multiplayer commands, which allow you to mute, kick, ban and unban people.

We at Reach Radio are excited to see what Flashing Lights brings next.