From one iconic shape to four… mind the gap!

Sony surprised London commuters this morning

November 18th 2020, 8:09 pm | Wayne Fysh

Ahead of the big PS5 release day here in the UK, the clever people at Sony marked the occasion with a rather clever campaign in central London.

For those who weren’t working from home due to the current national lockdown and had travelled into the capital via Oxford Circus Underground station may have noticed that the four roundels which usually graced the station’s entrances had been replaced with shapes to representing the PlayStation’s famous controller symbols.

Three of the signs have been transformed to depict a square, triangle and cross in Sony’s signature purple, green and blue colours. The fourth sign, well, fortunately for Sony, they didn’t really need to do much.

Twitter users loved it too after the huge number of tweets with many sharing their own photos of the signs. Sony’s London HQ is just moments away from Oxford Circus which just so happens to be directly outside Microsoft’s only UK store (funny that?!).

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft’s rival console was also released this month too.