GIANTS Software Partner Program Launches

July 17th 2020, 9:47 am | Arran Hodges

This morning GIANTS Software released their new partner program. 

According to their post, partners earn a fixed percentage of affiliate revenue as well as varying rewards such as event invitations and high-grade prizes when reaching certain milestones.

To become an official partner you have to meet the minimum requirement of 1,500 points which is counted by figures indicating your reach. You can also gain points based on your social media reach;

  • 2 points per Twitch follower
  • 1 point per YouTube follower
  • >1 point per social media follower

You also have to have at least five Farming Simulator content items published in total- two of which have to be older than three months.

For more information you can go to GIANTS' calculator for partner eligibility.