ProMods 2.50 Released

It looks excellent!

August 31st 2020, 10:59 am | Arran Hodges

Promods started back in December 2012.

Over the last couple of days, they have released version 2.50 of their modification. If you aren't familiar with Promods and what it does, their about page says this.

Right now ProMods doubles the standard SCS map. With over 30 people directly involved (forum and development) we got one of the biggest modding teams in the ETS2 community. With over 700.000 forum members, we’ve even surpassed the official SCS forums in terms of membership. Over the coming years we will continue to focus on expanding and improving ETS2 Europe wherever possible. We strive to make the impossible possible, by pushing the game’s engine to its limits.

The recent update pushed out by the development team features over 40 brand new or rebuilt cities. The screenshots we are seeing directly from Promods are amazing.

Screenshot via Promods Blog

Screenshot via Promods Blog

If getting over 40 rebuilt or new locations doesn't make you download the new ProMods, I'm sure this will. Developers have fixed over 3,00 bugs, and placed signs and other things across the map. We are really pleased with the new version of ProMods so far.

If you'd like to download the new ProMods version, go here.

Just a reminder that TruckersMP still do not support the latest 1.38 game version. Promods 2.50 will not work on TruckersMP.

Header Photo - Copyright ProMods